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This page was set up to list my YouTube videos, but due to the sheer volume of videos I have posted over the years, I have found it impossible to keep up with the amount cataloguing required.  For many more videos than are listed below, please visit my YouTube channel here.  Thank you! 


Les Etudes; Pianissimo, Beatrice Quoniam

No.18 (Dennee)  No.21 (Berens)  No.22 (Berens)  No.23 (Nyikolajev)  No.25 (Gnyesina)  No.27 (Gynesina)  No. 35 (Turk) No.36 (Turk)  No.43 (Kohler)  No.44 (Schmidt)  No.45 (Gurlitt)  No.47 (Mozart)  No.48 (Muller)  No.51 (Head)  No.52 (Wohlfahrt)  No.53 (Wohlfahrt)  No.54 (Gnyesina)  No.57 (Kohler)

Les Etudes; Mezzo Forte, Beatrice Quoniam

No.2 (Loeschorn)  No.4 (Duvernoy)  No.5 (Peterson)  No.9 (Gurlitt)  No.10 (Gurlitt)  No.10 (Gurlitt); to help static or stiff hands  No.14 (Lemoine)  No.20 (Czerny)  No.22 (Berens)

Piano Time 1, Pauline Hall

p.4 (all pieces)  p.5 A Walking Tune  p.5 SeeSaw  p.5 Queen Caroline  p.6 Skip a Note  p.6 Easy Does It  p.6 Two’s Company  p.6 ABC  p.7 Happy Waltz  p.7 Evening Tune  p.8  Upstairs Downstairs  p.8 A Strange Meeting  p.9 Loud and Soft  p.9 See a Pin  p.10 Just Resting  p.10 Look  – Hands Together!  p.10 Rain  p.14 The Frog  p.14 Hop It!  p.14 Swing Tune  p.15 Au Clair de la Lune  p.15 If You Should Meet a Crocodile  p.16 Merry-Go-Round  p.16 Marching Past  p.18 Upon Paul’s Steeple (slowly)  p.18 Upon Paul’s Steeple (with pedal)  p.19 Look Sharp  p.19 Sailing Ships  p.19 Welsh Lullaby  p.19 Sleepy Tune  p.20 Aunt Dinah  p.21 Russian Song  p.21 Sunshine and Showers  p23 Tunes for C,D, E   p.23 Cello Tune for the Left Hand  p.23 Rocking Horse  p.24 Green Gravel  p.27 Michael Finnigan  p.28 Jingle Bells  p.29 Sailors’ Hornpipe  p.30 Indian Dance  p.33 Echoes  p.33 Shepherds’ Hey  p.35 Hallowe’en March  p.38 She’ll be Coming Round the Mountain  p.39 The Little Brook  p.42 Ladybirds  p.42 New World Symphony  p.47 Dance of the Shepherd Girls

Piano Time 2, Pauline Hall

p.34 On The Prowl (Blackwell)   p.37 Mysterious March (Bullard)  p.41 Mexican Mix Up (Hall)  p.43 Allegretto (Diabelli)  p.45 Clowns (Blackwell)  p.46 The Entertainer (Joplin, arr.Hall)

Piano Time 3, Pauline Hall

p.4 Semiquavers  p.6 English Dance (Hook)  p.7 Sailors’ Hornpipe (arr. Hall)  p.11 Dutch Dance (Hall)  p.12 Donkey Riding (Hall)  p.14 Senore Alberti’s Gavotte (Hall), p.15 Andante Cantabile (Hoffstetter, arr.Hall)  p.17 Summer Swing (Hall)  p.19 Skye Boat Song (Trad.)  p.21 Triad Trickster (Hall)  p.25 Study (Gurlitt)  p.26 Triplet Study (Czerny), p.27 The Old Sailing Ship (Hall)  p.27 Amazing Grace (arr. Hall)  p.28 Ragamuffin (Lamont, arr.Hall)  p.29 Jamaica Farewell (Hall)  p.31 Echoes (Hall)  p.38 & 39 Cavalry Song of the Steppes & Moon on the Distant Sea  p.41 Minuet (Purcell)

Piano Time Pieces 1, Pauline Hall

p.4 Trick Mirrors (Blackwell)  p.4 Spooks  p.5 Morning Has Broken  p.6 Grass So Green  p.6 Frog Count  p.7 Allegretto (Turk)  p.7 Bohemian Dance  p.8 Martians’ March  p.9 In the Desert  p.10 A Chat Between Friends (Bullard)  p.10 Turpin  p.11 The Polar Bear  p.12 On The River  p.14 Brave Knight  p.15 Cheerful Cha-Cha-Cha  p.16 Scarborough Fair  p.17 Easy Going  p.18 Polly Wolly Doodle  p.20 Michael, Row the Boat Ashore  p.22 The Witches’ Lair

Piano Time Pieces 3,  Pauline Hall

p.5 Witches’ Waltz (Adam Bernstein)  p.6 Ducks in the Pond (Joan Last)  p.12 Temple Dancers (Drayton)  p.21 Study (Bertini)  p.16 Allegro in C (Turk)  p.31 Arabesque (Burgmuller)  p.45 March of the Kings (Reinhold)

Microjazz, Collection 1, Norton

No.1 Down to Business  No.2 After the Battle  No.3 Struttin’  No.4 A New Confidence  No.12 Questions  No.13 On the Right Lines  No.15 A Thought  No.16 A Short Walk  No.17 Sprightly  No.18 A Winter Song  No.19 Tut-Tuttin’  No.25 Crossover

Microjazz, Collection 2, Norton

No.8 Open Space No.15 An Adventure  No.27 A New Day

Microjazz Collection 3, Norton

Haiku  Mix’n’Match  A Brief Tango  Take Your Time

Microjazz Duets, Collection 2, Christopher Norton

Gently Swinging  No.15 Boogaloo  Insistence (by ear)

Easy Classical Duets (Alfred publ.)

p.20 Waltz (Wohlfahrt) – Secondo  p.21 Waltz (Wohlfahrt) – Primo  p.24 Andantion (Berens) – Primo  p.25 Andantino (Berens) – Secondo

The Anna Magdalena Notebook (publ. ABRSM)

p.6 & p.7 2 Minuets (Petzold)  p.15 Menuet in A minor (Anon.)  p.16 Menuet in C minor (Anon)  p.17 March in D (CPE Bach)  p.18 Polonaise in G minor (CPE Bach); slowly & hands separately  No.18 Polonaise in G minor (CPE Bach); adjusted for small hands  p.19 March in G (CPE Bach)  p.20 Polonaise in G minor (CPE Bach)

ABRSM Keyboard Anthology, Book 2, Series 3

No.11 Allegro (Schumann)  No.16 Sea Pink (Gurlitt)

Burgmuller Studies Op.100

No.6 Progress  No.10 Tender Flower  No.13 The Young Shepherdess  No.18 Restlessness


Giga (pub. ABRSM)


Wiosna (ABRSM Grade 3, 2013-2014)


Tedesca (pub. ABRSM)  Gernan Dance in C  (ABRSM Grade 3, 2013-2014)


K.1 Menuett in C (from 25 Early Pieces, ABRSM)  K.3 Allegro in Bb (from 25 Early Pieces, ABRSM)









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