The Practice Project – Bach, episode 1

This is the first of the video uploads of my own practice session. I am working on the Fantasia from Bach’s Partita No.3 in A minor, and videoing all my practice sessions on this piece from the beginning to its completion.
The videos are completely unedited, except to delete small insignificant sections (e.g. to answer to door, or grab a cup of tea etc.). You can see my practice methods, my mistakes, my repetitions, my improvisations, my at times desperately slow tempos.
This first episode is roughly 20 minutes long, and is very much about discovering the music for the first time… the notation, the counterpoint, the general ‘feel’ of the piece. I am not worried too much in this session about playing accurately, I am just getting an idea of what Bach has written, and where the technical ‘black-spots’ are. My fingering is pretty much guessed throughout, and there are a great many wrong notes, stumbles, hesitations, tempo changes, etc. Despite this, there are moments when I am feeling confident enough with my knowledge of the music in small areas to begin a little elementary experimentation with articulation, dynamics, shape, and general musicality.


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