New Resources

This summer has seen me working on a few smaller projects – mostly getting together some strategy sheets for ABRSM theory exams, but also working on some different styles of ‘notebooking’ for helping students to organise their practising.

ABRSM grade 4 Strategy Sheets are designed to act as revision aids, and to help with revisiting topics covered in lessons.  Although they are not extensive enough to teach the topics if a student has not already covered them, they do go into some depth with how to work through each subject area, and include several clearly bullet-pointed step-by-step guides on how to approach each question.

Practise Charts for absolute beginners and slightly more intermediate learners are designed to help students with organising not only each practise session but also to organise their week.  These are simple charts, clearly coloured, with room for a teacher to jot down key points to work on.  These are particularly useful for beginners who find struggle with organisational skills, or with remembering specific goals for their music.

If you would like the original Powerpoint documents of the Practise Charts, do feel free to email me and request them; the PDF files are locked, but the Powerpoint can be adjusted for each student and each situation.

All three learning resources can be found permanently under the Student Resources tab


For more details about my teaching practice, including prices, vacancies, and information on distance theory marking, or learning piano as a beginner, intermediate, or a post-grade 8 student, please go to

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